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Security Audit and Assessment Solutions

Security Audit

To make your assets secure and to minimize your threats, we are offering a security audit and assessment solutions. Security assessment is where we evaluate your security program to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend security solutions to address them. The team of trained consultants is associated with the client to know his needs and to analyze it by gathering all the necessary information and deliver the measurable assessment facts.

Under security audit solution, Prevail security will scrutinize your existing security program for:

  • Looking for loopholes in the security policy
  • Audit of physical assessment
  • Audit of access control assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Review of Standard Operating Procedures and Policies
  • Review of Backup Disaster Recovery/Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Compliance Audit

With this the client can get the best results to make his assets and organization safer and more secure. For more information on security audit and assessment solution, please contact at +91 0181 5011144, 8427061756, or email info@prevailsecurity.in

Security Training Courses

Security Training

The renowned personalities of the security world design and deliver the tailored made training programmes for security sergeants to make them trained, well dressed and professional security personnel. The techniques of our special programmes are unique which makes a security sergeant to operate and safely handle the every environment as per the client expectations. The aim of our training pogrammes is to certify the security personnel and inculcate all necessary skill to protect client and its assets.

Our training Programmes are:

  • Security Sergeant Course
  • Personal Security officer Training Course
  • On Job Private Security Guard Training
  • Special Programmes
    • Advance Martial Arts
    • Female Self defense security training programme
    • Investigation and detective skills and
    • Electronic security Course

Personal Security Officers ( Armed and Unarmed)

Personal Security

We know every person is unique and he requires distinguish and specific security. At Prevail, we have a provision of personal security officers armed and unarmed. Due to the rising crimes, the need for Armed Security Guard Services has also increased to a great extent. Considering the same, we offer the professional Armed Security Guard Services to the clients. Our Armed Security Guards have licensed weapons and they are competent to use them whenever the situation becomes out of control.

Investigation Services

Investigation Services

We are also expert in investigation services, where we can solve the problems of our clients with We are also expert in investigation services, where we can solve the problems of our clients with effective outcomes. Our professional team of investigators will provide the best services for your situations. Our focus areas are:

  • Physical Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • Due Diligence
  • Employment Screening Solutions
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Marital Affairs

For more information or a security services, contact us at +91 0181 5011144, 8427061756, or email info@prevailsecurity.in

Special Programme for Corporate sector

Corporate Sector

We are offering tailor made security courses to suit the client requirements. Short capsules to train already employed personnel or being given placement from our institute to train them specific to the industry. For example, Banks, Hotels, Airport, Malls, Hospitals, education institutes etc.